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Updated: May 11, 2023

Hi! This is my first face forward intro post, about a year since I bought my domain name to start on a website. I like being behind the scenes, camera, and flying under the radar. I’ve probably posted 3 stories max with myself in them. But no, I’m not turning over a completely new leaf, won’t be doing IGTV or dancing selfie reels and the Instagram algorithm will likely make me pay for it.

Regardless, the past 2 months especially have lit me up and inspired me with a level of possibility I didn’t see coming. I am so grateful to be able to do something so creative, interpersonal and community based.

Months ago (EDIT: almost over a year now!) I was injured on the job as a cardiac sonographer (ultrasound technologist). I had this gig on the side and was hoping to just sell a few candles over the holidays. Into the new year I figured I’d try orchestrating a workshop and boy, what a game changer.

I hadn’t realized how much I missed interacting with people, learning about others and just shooting the shit with people who were down to earth. My patients would always tell me when I said I didn’t know if I’d do echo forever, that I need to save up and get out, life was too short and I’m too young. When you hear this from dozens of people, likely less than a few years from their end, it resonates. So I took my misfortune and made the best of it.

I have always been right brained and artsy. The product photoshoots, label design, content creating, website designing... all of it is up my alley and it is so exciting to be wearing so many hats that are all working for ME.

In my early 20's, I took the safe career route and applied that visual-spatial forte of mine to cardiac ultrasound school. It was a great fit for me for the time being, but it quickly became stressful and redundant, not to mention painful and abusive... but that is a completely different story. I got injured on the job, and had time off to really think about my life, where I saw it going and ask myself honestly what I wanted while I still had the freedom of my youth to do so.

I feel so much more myself than I did a year ago, or possibly ever. I can’t wait to get up in the morning and I have a hard time making myself close up shop for the night. Thank you so much- Anyone who has come to a class, bought a candle, shared a post or just mentioned me in conversation. It means more than you know.

Thanks for reading my little blurb. I hope to see you at a workshop, market, or just around.

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Meredith Heim
Meredith Heim
22 feb 2022

Thanks for reading, or just spending time browsing the site!

Me gusta
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